Saturday, August 29, 2015

Drums along the Platte!

Autumn Equinox will be here before you know it! Join us again at Overland Pond Park beside the Platte River on September 20th when we honor the Kindreds with drums and offerings. The Deities of the occasion will be Beli and Dôn. Gather at noon, ritual starts promptly at 1 pm. Like all our rituals, this one will be followed by a potluck feast, so bring a dish to share. As part of our community service this quarter, we're also asking people to bring at least two items for our food drive. This may be our last outdoor High Day of the year before the arrival of winter sends us indoors, so join us to celebrate the turning of the seasons - and bring your drum!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Looking forward, looking back

A good if warm Lughnasadh. We were able to use the riverside platform again, Mother Platte having gone back to her usual level. After our ritual and feasting, we held a hobby horse race and a paper-scissors-rock tournament, the later complete with Celtic-style pre-bout insults. Proceedings were then brought to a halt by a heavy downpour, which was greeted with rapture and relief. Hail, Thor!

Our next public ritual will be Autumn Equinox, once again held in Overland Pond Park, hopefully on the riverside platform. Join us for one more outdoor day before we go into winter quarters!