Friday, December 16, 2016

Midwinter 2016

Chokecherry Grove invites you to join us for Winter Solstice on Friday December 23rd!

As the wheel turns it is good and proper that we invite and honor the gods, who stride upon the shores of Asgard, to our sacred fire in celebration. The deities of the occasion will be Njord and Skadi. In addition, we will do our very best to see that the sun, who now lives the long time away from us, will again resume its inexorable march toward the longer days.

There will be time, during the rite, for those who wish to make offerings to their patrons, deities, ancestors or anyone to whom it is proper to give such gifts.

Following the rite there will be a time for feasting and fellowship .We encourage those who gather to bring food to share.

We will meet this time at Jefferson Unitarian Church: 14350 W 32nd Ave, Golden, Colorado 80401. Gather at 7 pm; ritual starts at 7:30. Our celebrant will be Kevin "Arth yn Rhedeg" Jenkyns.

UPDATE: All cash donations we receive at this event will be given to the Dumb Friends League shelter in Castle Rock where one of our members volunteers.