March workshop

Our divination methods workshop in March 2022 was quite successful, so we will probably hold another one on a different topic next year. For those who missed it, here is the write-up for this past one.

Chokecherry Grove is planning a one-day virtual event on Methods of Divination on Saturday March 26th, 2022. We have lined up our five speakers already:

  • 9:00 AM MDT: KEVIN "ARTH YN RHEDEG" JENKINS will speak on his Native-American based system of STONE DIVINATION. He says: "Ever pick up a pretty stone? Join Arth as he shares the reading of the stones, an open system of divination taught to him as a youngster utilizing trance and the very fabric of our Mother Earth. Open systems of divination have both their adherents and their detractors.  However, when consistently and regularly applied, they can be a powerful tool for the practitioner. Where the Elder who taught Arth learned his skill is lost to the mists of time. Let’s see what we might learn as Arth shares his learnings in throwing the stones. Casting stones for divination has been something he was taught a long time ago. As in all skills, he's gotten better, more consistent and more satisfied with the results. With a deeper understanding of how it works and a few tweaks along the way, he has learned a lot about himself and a lot about the spirits that surround us.   It’s not a system you can master overnight but the sights and signs can be well worth the effort.  Open your mind to the possibilities of this open and dynamic form of divination."
  • 10:30 AM MDT: Our ADF Archdruid REV. JEAN "DRUM" PAGANO will speak on OGAM, the early Irish alphabet and the poets' system of divination. He says "Ogma and the Ogham. A view into Ogma, the originator of ogham, and divination methods using the Ogham. Don’t let the stark imagery of the Ogham fool you - there is a lot of data hidden in those little lines. 
  • 1:00 PM MDT: DIANA PAAR will speak on the TAROT. She says "Tarot cards are one of the most popular & accessible divination systems, so it’s not surprising they’re subjected to so many misunderstandings & superstitions. How to choose a deck and how to store it? What reading layouts are the best or which should be avoided? Where does Tarot come from? Diana will provide a brief overview of what is known about the history of Tarot, then dispel misconceptions while clarifying some of its benefits. Working with the Tarot for over 30 years Diana incorporates astrology & extensive metaphysical experience into her personal & public spiritual practice. As an Intuitive and Teacher she has a unique way of explaining how reading Tarot can open and maintain a dynamic relationship between our inner & outer worlds."
  • 2:30 PM MDT: REV. GAARIK HAMR will speak on the Norse RUNES. He says "Runic divination, at its core, is the use of runes from one of several alphabets to determine hidden information. Hidden by whom and for what purpose? The purpose of this workshop is to explore the animistic aspect of Norse cosmology and apply it to runic practice. This workshop looks to the Rune Poems and modern scholarship for a theistic, animistic approach to runic divination and interpretation."

  •  4 PM MDT: REV. D. ROWEN GROVE will speak on BONE READING. She says: "Bone reading is a system of intuitive divination in which bones and other small objects are scattered or tossed onto a surface, and omens taken from the patterns thus formed.  Historically, there were forms of bone divination used in cultures as diverse as ancient Greece, Asia, Europe, Labrador, Africa, and elsewhere. Some traditional systems have used only one kind of bone or shell, and perhaps three or four pieces, while others employed a wide variety of items, and upward of a hundred objects.  Rev. D Rowen Grove became interested in bone reading about six years ago, and has developed her own system, based on a combination of intuition and archaeological evidence."

Each speaker will speak for an hour, followed by half an hour for questions. There will be two sessions in the morning and three in the afternoon. 

Note: this is a series of technical workshops; there will be no opportunity for personal readings.

The price for the whole day's series of Zoom links is $10, and the payment link is on the sidebar to your right. (If you are viewing this on your phone, scroll down to the bottom to choose "view web version" in order to see the links.)

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