Saturday, November 5, 2022

Something Old, Something New

When Chokecherry Grove was getting started seven years ago, we put together our "little green book" to help folks new to ADF understand our Core Order of Ritual and participate in it. That book is still available as a paperback on But after someone interested in our hybrid Samhain ritual asked if we had a script, I decided to make the little book available as an ebook on as well, slightly edited to reflect the evolution of Chokecherry's usual Core Order over the intervening seven years. The e-book's official publication date is December 1st, but you can buy it now through this pre-sale link. It's available in epub, mobi (kindle-compatible), and pdf formats. Bonus: I've set it up on Smashwords as "reader sets price", so you can pay whatever you can afford, or take it for free!