Tuesday, September 28, 2021

September update #4 for our October Rocky Mountain Retreat

 Only a little over two weeks now until our Rocky Mountain Retreat (October 15-17)! I want to tell you a little about our opening speaker today.

Rev. Ian Corrigan was the second Archdruid of ADF. On his blog at https://intothemound.blogspot.com/, he describes himself as "a Neopagan of the Druidic sort, interested in Celtic polytheism as it might manifest for modern people in North America. I'm also an occultist, broadly interested in arcane and magical systems and ideas, from medieval grimoires through Hindu Tantra and Asian shamanism to Thelema and Chaos Magic."

Ian's book Sacred Fire, Holy Well is an approach to a modern practice of Celtic Paganism and magical arts. Centered in the lore of the Gaelic Celts, it offers a simple summary of Irish mythic lore, and ritual patterns for individual and group worship. It also provides complete instruction in a system of Druidic magical work, trance vision, spellbinding and work with spirits.

Interested, but busy that weekend? We will be recording all the nine speakers' presentations and the three rituals, links to which will be available after the retreat to everyone who has paid for the Zoom weekend. So don't let your other planned activities get in the way of hearing these great speakers!

 Here is the schedule for the retreat: 

Friday October 15th:
2:30 pm MDT Ian Corrigan
4:00 pm MDT Gaarik Hamr
6:00 pm MDT Opening Ritual

Saturday October 16th:
9:30 am MDT Diane Cacciato
11:00 am MDT Kristoffer Hughes
1:00 pm MDT Anthony Murphy
2:30 pm MDT Kirk Thomas
4:00 pm MDT Shaz Cairns
6:00 pm MDT Evening Ritual

Sunday October 17th:
9:30 am MDT James "Pigeon" Fielder
11:00 am MDT Jean "Drum" Pagano
12:30 pm MDT Closing Ritual

The payment links are on the right sidebar of this page. If you are viewing it on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "view web version" to see the right sidebar link where you can sign up for the whole exciting weekend!

Monday, September 13, 2021

September update #3 for our October Rocky Mountain Retreat

To continue sharing information about our scheduled presenters who are writers, here are a couple of jacket covers from former ADF Archdruid Rev. Kirk Thomas.  Kirk is our only Saturday presenter who will be speaking from North America - the others will be Rev. Diane Cacciato from Sicily, Kristoffer Hughes from Wales, Anthony Murphy from Ireland, and Shaz Cairns from Australia!

In this book Kirk explores the development of personal relationships with Gods and Spirits. He describes the subtle and complex integration of personal commitment, devotion and reciprocal offerings that begin and sustain with the Gods and Spirits. Sacred Gifts is all about reciprocity (the give and take of life) and how the religions of the ancient world relied upon this gift exchange to even exist. Just as people give to each other in life, so may we give to the Gods and Spirits, expecting blessings in return.

Again, if you are viewing this on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "view web version" to see the right sidebar link where you can sign up for the whole exciting weekend!

Monday, September 6, 2021

September update #2 for our October retreat

 Several - indeed most! - of our speakers this year are authors as well. Most ADF members are familiar with books by our Archdruid Rev. Jean "Drum" Pagano and former Archdruids Rev. Ian Corrigan and Rev. Kirk Thomas, but I would like to draw attention today to books by Kristoffer Hughes and Anthony Murphy.

Kristoffer has an impressive catalogue of books on Amazon. His latest title is "Cerridwen: Celtic Goddess of Inspiration", shown here. I can recommend all his work. As his presentation will show, he has deep knowledge of Welsh history, mythology, and the bardic tradition.







Anthony Murphy has also published a number of books on ancient Irish myth and history, also available on Amazon. One of his latest books is "Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past", shown here. I have followed some of his delightful podcasts on Facebook, and look forward to his presentation.

 I would encourage all of our prospective attendees, virtual or physical, to look over these and other publications by our authors before the retreat, as their presentations will hopefully be followed for a little time for questions!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September update #1 for our October Retreat

 We have finalized the speaker schedule for our October 15-17 Rocky Mountain Retreat. All speaker slots are 1 hour, plus 15-20 minutes of chat after the main presentation.

Presentations start on Friday afternoon at 2:30 pm MDT with ADF's former Archdruid Rev. Ian Corrigan, who will share with us some thoughts about connecting to the Ancestors and the Land. He will be followed at 4 pm by Rev. Gaarik Hamr, who will suggest some ways in which the use of runes for divination connects us with them. And at 6 pm MDT, Chokecherry Grove will present our opening ADF Ritual in the scenic courtyard of La Foret's Blue Spruce cabin.

Saturday starts at 9:30 am MDT with a presentation by Rev. Diane Cacciato, ADF's Regional Druid for Western Canada, speaking from her other home in the island of Sicily. She will be followed at 11 am MDT by Kristoffer Hughes, head of the Anglesey Order of Druids, speaking to us from Wales on the topics of Welsh history and the bardic tradition. After a lunch break, we will hear at 1 pm MDT from Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland, speaking to us from the Boine Valley near Newgrange. At 2:30 pm MDT we return briefly to North America with a presentation from former ADF Archdruid Rev. Kirk Thomas from his home in Washington state. At 4 pm MDT we will hear from Shaz Cairns, ADF's Asia-Pacific Regional Druid, speaking from what will be her Sunday morning in Australia. And our busy international day will finish with another ADF Ritual at 6 pm MDT in the Blue Spruce courtyard.

On Sunday morning we will hear at 9:30 am MDT from Dr. James "Pigeon" Fielder, Member of ADF's Board of Directors, Instructor of Political Science, Colorado State University, and Insight Professor, Cherry Hill Seminary. He will be followed at 11 am MDT by our closing speaker, ADF's current Archdruid, Rev. Jean "Drum" Pagano. Plans for an unusual closing ritual are also under discussion.

I hope many of you can join us for this exciting program, either by Zoom from the comfort of your own home, or by visiting us physically on Saturday at La Foret in addition to Zoom links for the whole weekend. Registration and prepayment links are on the sidebar - $20 for the entire Zoom weekend, or $30 per person the links and a sandwich lunch with us at La Foret. FYI: the links to register are not available on the mobile version. Click the "view web version" at the bottom of the page, and it will appear.