Monday, May 31, 2021

#3 Still here

First, my apologies for not updating this site for a while. Even in Denver, it is no longer snowing; instead we are welcoming in summer and looking ahead to the possibility of public rituals again. Initially, at least, these will be partly virtual. I am hoping to post a Zoom link in a couple of weeks to our Midsummer one.

We are also moving ahead on our plans for our October Rocky Mountain Retreat. There will be three options this year: (1) three days of Zoom sessions, including eight or nine workshops, for $20; (2) in addition, a Saturday day-trip option, probably for $35; and (3) a limited number of in-person full weekends with us. More details on that option will be available by September 1st.

As the summer progresses, check this site regularly for updates!