ADF Rocky Mountain Retreat

The dates for our 2021 retreat will be the weekend of October 15-17, 2021. It will be an out-of-town retreat at La Foret Conference Center near Colorado Springs. 

After having to cancel last October's Retreat due to Covid shutdowns, we will be offering different arrangements this year:

1) Zoom sessions. Price for the whole weekend: $20. This will include all sessions with our presenters and two or three rituals.

2) Zoom sessions plus Saturday Day-Trip. In addition to the Zoom sessions link, the retreat will be open for Saturday physical day trips, including a sandwich lunch. Price: $30 per person for the links and the lunch. 

3) Physical Retreat, Friday through Sunday. Considering the state of the Covid Pandemic, we  have decided not to offer this option this year.

Our theme this year is "Connecting to the Land and the Ancestors". Here is our current speaker schedule as of September 2, 2021:


Friday Oct. 15:

2:30 pm MDT: Opening remarks by Rev. Ian Corrigan, former Archdruid of ADF.

4:00 pm MDT: Rev. Gaarik Hamr, Grove Organizer of Spirit Valley Protogrove, ADF, in Cleveland, Ohio, suggests some ways in which the use of runes for divination connects us with our ancestors.

6:00 pm MDT: Chokecherry Grove will present our opening ADF Ritual in the scenic courtyard of La Foret's Blue Spruce cabin.


Saturday Oct. 16:

9:30 am MDT: Rev. Diane Cacciato, Grove Organizer of Garry Oak Protogrove, ADF, in Vancouver, Canada and Regional Druid for the Canada West Region, will speak from her other home in the island of Sicily.

11:00 am MDT: Kristoffer Hughes, head of the Anglesey Order of Druids, will speak to us from Wales on the topics of Welsh history and the bardic tradition. 

 1:00 pm MDT: Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland, who podcasts regularly on Facebook about Ireland's ancient past, will speak to us from the Boine Valley near Newgrange.

 2:30 pm MDT: We return briefly to North America with a presentation from former ADF Archdruid Rev. Kirk Thomas from his home in Washington state. 

4:00 pm MDT: Shaz Cairns, ADF's Asia-Pacific Regional Druid, will speak from what will be her Sunday morning in Australia. 

 6:00 pm MDT: Chokecherry Grove will present a second ADF Ritual in the scenic courtyard of La Foret's Blue Spruce cabin.


Sunday October 17:

9:30 am MDT: Dr. James "Pigeon" Fielder, Member of ADF's Board of Directors, Instructor of Political Science, Colorado State University, and Insight Professor, Cherry Hill Seminary. 

11:00 am MDT: Our closing speaker, current ADF Archdruid Rev. Jean "Drum" Pagano.

12:30 pm MDT: A possible unusual closing ritual.

Check back with us often as the year progresses.

Comments from our 2018 participants:

“Many thanks to the good folks of Chokecherry Grove ADF for the wonderful Rocky Mountain Retreat, and for their outstanding hospitality. If you get a chance to go next year, do it. The location is beautiful, the facilities are first class, and the programs are deep... as is the informal conversation, which is my favorite part of Pagan events.” - John Beckett

"I want to thank Chokecherry Grove and John Beckett for a relaxing and enjoyable Rocky Mountain Retreat. The workshops, Rituals, and conversations were all first rate. The venue was also very beautiful. Thank you all again!" - Rev. Jean "Drum" Pagano

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