Saturday, October 18, 2014

October update

Chokecherry has been busy planning and growing in the last month. Our next ritual - Samhain - is coming up soon, on Sunday October 26. Due to the changing season, we're moving to a different location for this one, and also a different time. The ritual will be held at a private residence, allowing us to go inside afterwards if the night is cold. Our celebrant Kevin Jenkyns describes it thus: "As the days grow short, we find ourselves looking for shelter from the vicissitudes and inclemencies of the weather. To that end, Chokecherry ProtoGrove will be holding their Samhain Rites at 2929 South Elm Street, Denver 80222 on October 26th. The time will be forwarded later but it will be an evening event. Our intention is to hold the Rite out of doors so dress accordingly. However, fear not, for we will have the option to retreat indoors should the need arise. Gather with us as we enjoin with the Honored Dead." As part of our community service this quarter, we're asking people to bring at least two cans for our food drive in addition to the usual potluck contribution. We're planning to gather at 4 pm and start the ritual at 5 pm as the daylight wanes. Come join us at this feast for the Ancestors!

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