Sunday, September 3, 2017

Autumn Equinox 2017

 Our Autumn Equinox Ritual will be Sunday September 24th.

Join us for the feast of the second harvest! The days and night sit in balance, and the fields are filled with ripening fruit. We give thanks in this season to the Earth Mother, the Landkin, and to the deity of the occasion, Ceridwen.

As with all our rituals, all kind folk are welcome to attend. There will be a time for the folk to make offerings to their own patrons, ancestors, favored kin, or any other such beings. Please bring offerings that are burnable/biodegradable!

Following the rite there will be a time for feasting and fellowship .We encourage those who gather to bring food to share that suits your dietary needs.

Once again we will be at our summer location in Overland Pond Park. Gather at 12 Noon.

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