Friday, September 30, 2022

Our October Retreat this year - Update #3


Our October Rocky Mountain Retreat starts two weeks from today. Zoom links for the entire weekend (six speakers, two rituals, and a Friday night bardic circle) are only $20. All sessions will be recorded and will be shared afterwards with everyone who signs up, so even if you can't watch everything live, you won't miss out. To sign up, visit our blog at now! (If you access it via your phone, you will need to scroll down to the bottom to choose "view web version" in order to see the payment link on the right sidebar.)

Saturday will be our main presenters day, with four 1.5 hours sessions starting at 9:30 am MDT. Topics of the presentations will include: 

9:30 am MDT: Rev. Ian Corrigan: Rites of Audience - Modern Theurgic Invocation

11:30 am MDT: Anthony Murphy: Loughcrew - Tombs on the Cailleach's Mountain

2 pm MDT:  Manny Tejada Moreno: Environmentalism as Reciprocity

4 pm MDT: John Beckett: The Morrigan: An Introduction to the Great Queen

The day will conclude with an evening ritual at 6 pm MDT. 

Sunday morning, beginning again at 9:30 am MDT, we will have two more presenters, and will conclude by our walking La Foret's Labyrinth at about 1 pm MDT.  Sunday's presentations:

9:30 am MDT: James "Pigeon" Fielder: Ritual of Gameplay

11:30 am MDT: Rev. Jean "Drum" Pagano:  (title to be determined)

The retreat will conclude by our walking La Foret's Labyrinth at about 1 pm MDT. 

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