Monday, September 13, 2021

September update #3 for our October Rocky Mountain Retreat

To continue sharing information about our scheduled presenters who are writers, here are a couple of jacket covers from former ADF Archdruid Rev. Kirk Thomas.  Kirk is our only Saturday presenter who will be speaking from North America - the others will be Rev. Diane Cacciato from Sicily, Kristoffer Hughes from Wales, Anthony Murphy from Ireland, and Shaz Cairns from Australia!

In this book Kirk explores the development of personal relationships with Gods and Spirits. He describes the subtle and complex integration of personal commitment, devotion and reciprocal offerings that begin and sustain with the Gods and Spirits. Sacred Gifts is all about reciprocity (the give and take of life) and how the religions of the ancient world relied upon this gift exchange to even exist. Just as people give to each other in life, so may we give to the Gods and Spirits, expecting blessings in return.

Again, if you are viewing this on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "view web version" to see the right sidebar link where you can sign up for the whole exciting weekend!

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