Tuesday, September 28, 2021

September update #4 for our October Rocky Mountain Retreat

 Only a little over two weeks now until our Rocky Mountain Retreat (October 15-17)! I want to tell you a little about our opening speaker today.

Rev. Ian Corrigan was the second Archdruid of ADF. On his blog at https://intothemound.blogspot.com/, he describes himself as "a Neopagan of the Druidic sort, interested in Celtic polytheism as it might manifest for modern people in North America. I'm also an occultist, broadly interested in arcane and magical systems and ideas, from medieval grimoires through Hindu Tantra and Asian shamanism to Thelema and Chaos Magic."

Ian's book Sacred Fire, Holy Well is an approach to a modern practice of Celtic Paganism and magical arts. Centered in the lore of the Gaelic Celts, it offers a simple summary of Irish mythic lore, and ritual patterns for individual and group worship. It also provides complete instruction in a system of Druidic magical work, trance vision, spellbinding and work with spirits.

Interested, but busy that weekend? We will be recording all the nine speakers' presentations and the three rituals, links to which will be available after the retreat to everyone who has paid for the Zoom weekend. So don't let your other planned activities get in the way of hearing these great speakers!

 Here is the schedule for the retreat: 

Friday October 15th:
2:30 pm MDT Ian Corrigan
4:00 pm MDT Gaarik Hamr
6:00 pm MDT Opening Ritual

Saturday October 16th:
9:30 am MDT Diane Cacciato
11:00 am MDT Kristoffer Hughes
1:00 pm MDT Anthony Murphy
2:30 pm MDT Kirk Thomas
4:00 pm MDT Shaz Cairns
6:00 pm MDT Evening Ritual

Sunday October 17th:
9:30 am MDT James "Pigeon" Fielder
11:00 am MDT Jean "Drum" Pagano
12:30 pm MDT Closing Ritual

The payment links are on the right sidebar of this page. If you are viewing it on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "view web version" to see the right sidebar link where you can sign up for the whole exciting weekend!

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